Udruga Škrinjica hrvatski jezik

Our members

MARIJA NOVAK - our "guardian angel", is always here when something "gets stuck", is always ready for action, a superb "coffee cook", and how couldn't she be when she came back from Sarajevo in 1991. She is skillful in everything, and what she doesn't know, she learns. She stitches the gold embroidery with perfect precision. She comes as the first, leaves as the last. When you, on some occasion, can not see her, you can hear her laughter.


ZLATA ŠTIGLER - she earned her pension in Vienna, and now, as she says, she enjoys being in Škrinjica and in Croatia. Gold embroidery of flower motives is her favorite. Her husband Pero also visits us from time to time - he is a samica player so with him our cheerful company becomes even more cheerful.


ŽELJKA RENIĆ - she is our "joker" when it comes to writing requests and "chatting" in public. As a small child they used to call her "granny quick", and she is even today quick and hasty. She gladly joins our apposite workshops, but leads herself ducat binding workshop. When she rediscovered the beauty of that small detail on detail - ducat, the folk garb evoked a great interest and revealed the applicability even today.


STJEPAN MANDIĆ - is our stoker and our handy man called "grandpa Stipo", for whom we have to thank when we are warm in our hearts hearing the fire cracking. Then, immersed in the work, we think back of our childhood.


We all take care of the cleanness and in charge of children's laughter are: Mario, Helena, Vanja, Tena, Juraj, Larisa, Aron and little Kijara.

And at the end we would like to greet all šokadian people and all aficionados of tradition even those over the ocean. Come to us and ensure yourselves how great it is here!


We would like to thank to all the donors, media, mums and grandmas who supported our vision of preserving the tradition as something significant and worth attention.