Udruga Škrinjica hrvatski jezik

Our workshop team

NATALIJA VUKIĆ - team leader of the ceramics and pottery workshop. She "made" the trade in Zagreb in numerous workshops in which she leant and taught others. She is the initiator of the idea as well as the president of the organization, the organizer and "Jack of all trades". She was born in the village of Komletinci, she is a pre-school children governess by profession and occupation and mother of three, with skillful hands for everything, and clay enshrined in her heart. She holds on to old motives and new shapes.


LJUBICA ĐURĐEVIĆ - team leader of the gold embroidery workshop. She is our "Ljuba zlatoveska" (her nickname), new resident of Vinkovci, comes from the village of Semeljci. She is an elementary school teacher and a mother of two children. When you see Ljubica's gold embroidery of sunflowers, you can find out a lot about her. Her gold embroidery tells the story of the golden hands, love, humbleness and patience.


VINKA TREPŠIĆ - team leader of necanje2 and weaving workshop. She was born in the village of Bapska, but lives in the village of Nuštar. She knows very well the yarn craft skills, but is mostly known by weaving. She is a grandmother who "does not subdue to time and illness", of a bright spirit, always ready and willing to teach others, regardless of certain injuries she suffered. Thanks to exactly her hands the weaving loom still squeaks in our house. She is a widow, mother of seven children and grandmother of 15-ish (for now).


TATJANA ŠAFER - team leader of squash decorating workshop. The squash decorating workshop used to lead ANICA MAKAREVIĆ, widely known "decorateur" from the village of Gradište. She is a super granny and grand grandmother, of a bright spirit and witty nature. She is full of life's tales, which we gladly listen to and retell others because they always end in laughter. The cutting knife was given over to TATJANA ŠAFER, an ex-attendant of grandma Anica's workshop, whose hand was calm and skillful and now she skillfully decorates squashes and passes on her knowledge. She is married and a mother of two children, an agricultural technician by profession, she is constant and persistent in her work.


MARIJA BARTOŠ - team leader of "šlinganje" on a sewing machine workshop. Marija teaches attendants individually. With her life-long experience and crafty hands she makes things in seconds. Marija is a grandmother of five, was born in the village of Komletinci, and works today in the Court in Vinkovci. Right after her grandchildren comes making the folk garbs for her grandchildren as her favorite hobby.


There are lots of members without who Škrinjica would not be the place of preserving customs and traditions. In Škrinjica the old is melt with the new. That is a place of zero tolerance to violence, the place of intergenerational solidarity, and acceptation of differences.